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About Us

We want to simplify the lives of humans by empowering robots to take on the most repetitive and tedious tasks, freeing up time for activities that are more creative and meaningful to humans. For this vision to become a reality, it is essential to work on the interface between machines and humans to make it as intuitive as possible, so that users can interact with machines without the need for specialist technical skills.

You dream about a robot ables to deal with your company daily tasks ? We can help you !

Because things that stand the test of time must be built over time, we believe it is important to establish a long-term relationship with our clients.

The purpose of this project is to integrate artificial intelligence in a golf trolley so that it becomes autonomous and intelligent on the golf course. This way, it is able to follow you, to avoid parts of the course where it can't go and it can navigate autonomously to strategic points of the course (like the next tee for example).


We built a piece of material containing a camera, a motor driver and some additional sensors in addition to a computer with artificial capabilities so that you can add autonomous behaviors to a large set of existing stuff like supermarket shopping cart, flight case,...

Autonomous rover

We built a rover ables to navigate in your house while avoiding furnitures and people. It was also able to follow a ball or to stay on a table. This one was really a POC to demonstrate the capabilities of embedding artificial intelligence in a robot.

Our Services

Machine learning & Robotics

We put our development experience to work on projects that require more and more artificial intelligence and machine learning.

We help you in the development of your projects that use learning to make your software more intelligent and autonomous

We integrate with you this intelligence in your equipment to make them autonomous

The same principles of Software Craftsmanship animate us in the development of robotics

  • Robot Operating System (ROS & ROS 2)
  • Python - C++
  • PyTorch - TensorFlow
  • Localization & Navigation
  • Optimized embedded distribution
  • ChatGPT integration

Cloud APIs for your robot

Over the years, we have developed a great deal of experience in software development. We work with you to develop robust, highly available, and heavy-duty applications without the need for expensive proprietary technologies.

Our know-how is at your service :

  • Distributed architectures
  • Messaging Middleware
  • Distributed caching
  • Software architecture
  • Design patterns
  • Testing

We develop in team all these skills in a Clean code spirit characterizing the Software Craftsmanship and with a constant objective of control of the Technical Debt, the whole for the biggest personal satisfaction of each one.

UI to interact with your robot

We have experience with mobile development as well as with web-based UIs. We can integrate your UI with any ROS based robots following best practices we are aware of.

  • React
  • React-native
  • Integration with a robot
  • Software architecture
  • Testing